Holistic Therapies - Lynn Zullo ALTM, MICHT            Reiki Master & Teacher
The Balance Procedure

The Balance Procedure is a powerful simple non verbal energy technique
that transformers limiting beliefs that hold us back.
Its estimated that we only use 10% of our minds.
The Balance Procedure is the key to the other 90%

The Balance Procedure if a powerful tool to use on yourself to keep you in balance in all
aspects of your life, the unique nine card set are used as a guidance to assist you in this process. Used as part of our daily life it can increase our confidence, increase energy output  and maximise potential.

The main principle of TBP is we create our reality through thought and imagination, using our emotions as our guidance, using our emotions this way we change our reality attracting all things to us whether they are positive or negative.

What are Beliefs?

Beliefs are any ideas you think are true about yourself, others and life.
Examine the beliefs you have about all areas of life.

Once you learn the Balance Procedure, you'll be able to feel that state of peace, calm, and overall well-being. It is a good idea to practice finding this place frequently so you can easily identify it when you need to reach it quickly.
Then begin to dream.
Use your imagination to see yourself in all sorts of scenarios. See yourself hugely successful. See youself at your ideal size or weight. See youself free from bad habits you'd like to let go of, such as smoking, nail-biting, or complaining.

Identify your wants...
What is it you want? Who you want to be? What you want to do? What do you want to have?